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  • Hardware-based cyber protection - up to Common Criteria EAL 7+

Substation Gateways

GE Multilin D400 Advanced Substation Gateway

GE's Multilin D400 is a secure, substation-hardened gateway that collects metering, status, event, and fault report data from serial or LAN based Intelligent substation devices. The D400 summarizes data from the substation devices and makes it available locally/remotely through a standard secure web browser (HTTPS).

GE Multilin D.20 RIO Distributed I/O Controller

The GE Multilin D.20 RIO Distributed I/O Controller is a stand-alone, small form factor device designed to provide distributed I/O capabilities for easy connection to the D400 gateway though any point in the substation LAN. The D.20 RIO provides an interface to the Multilin D20 Series of I/O modules.


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