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Protection Relays

NR PCS-902 Line Distance Relay

The NR PCS-902 relay provides numerical line protection with pilot distance protection, stepped distance protection, current protection, voltage protection, single and/or threepole tripping and auto-reclosing functions. As a full-schemedevice, it integrates frequency protection, breaker failure protection and stub protection.

NR PCS-9611 Directional Overcurrent Protection

The NR PCS-9611 relay is a protection, control and monitoring unit for various applications (such as overhead line, underground cable and transformer etc.) on solidly grounded, impedance grounded, Peterson coil grounded and ungrounded system. The PCS-9611 features high performance functional library, programmable logic, configurable I/O and integrated frequency-tracking. The PCS-9611 is designed based on advanced multiprocessor platform, fully complying with IEC 61850 station bus; process bus, supporting IEC 61850-8-1 MMS,GOOSE and IEC 61850-9-2 Sampling Value.

NR PCS-931 Line Differential Relay

The NR RCS-931 relay is an advanced current differential protection with stepped distance elements and overcurrent elements intended for main and backup protection for transmission lines with single-pole trip, three-pole trip and auto-reclosing schemes. Phase segregated current differential, zero sequence current differential and DPFC differential are combined into the unique current differential element. It also integrates voltage protection, frequency protection, breaker failure protection and stub protection.

NR PCS-978 Transformer Protection

The NR PCS-978 numerical protection system can provide full-scheme protection and control in one rack for various transformer applications, including two-winding transformers,three-winding transformers and auto-transformers. It also can be used to protect shunt reactors. Up to 36 analog input channels including current and voltage inputs are provided. The extensive functional library, programmable logic and configurable I/O are integrated to meet flexible applications. The unique current differential protection includes the unrestraint current differential element, percentage restraint current differential element and DPFC differential element.

MiCOM P12x

3 Phase Overcurrent and Earth Fault Protection Relays

MiCOM P12x is a range of directional and non-directional overcurrent relays from single phase or earth fault up to the multifunctional three-phase P127 device with voltage protection functions.

MiCOM P22x

Motor and Overcurrent Protection Relays

MiCOM P22x performs a complete set of motor protection functions on current, voltage and temperature measurements. In addition to these basic functions, the relay carries out large number of other functions that enable it to protect and run the motor more effectively. System reliability is further enhanced via checks on bus voltage prior to start-up, supervision of trip-circuit wiring continuity and protection against circuit-breaker failure.

MiCOM P521

Feeder Differential Protection Relays

MiCOM P521 provides high speed, two ended current differential unit protection of overhead lines and underground cables in applications such as ring mains and parallel feeders. Models available: MiCOM P521

MiCOM P72x

High Impedance Differential Protection Relays

MiCOM P72x high impedance differential protection series provides high impedance differential protection for generators, reactors, motor and busbar applications. Models available: MiCOM P721, MiCOM P723

MiCOM P821

Breaker Failure Protection

MiCOM P821 is an advanced Breaker Failure relay with backup protection functions. It offers a range of protection functions, combined with extensive monitoring capacities to give you optimized efficiency and maximum control for your electric schemes. It is suitable for all voltage levels. Models available: MiCOM P821

MiCOM P92x

Voltage and Frequency Management and Protection Relays

MiCOM P92x voltage and frequency management relays provide an integrated solution for the secure and efficient operations of power systems. Models available: MiCOM P921, MiCOM P922, MiCOM P923, MiCOM P925


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