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National Grid Corporation of the Philippines


Stronger transmission for a stronger nation. This is the commitment the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) has undertaken to fulfill since its incorporation in 2008 when it assumed the crucial task of delivering safe and reliable electricity throughout the archipelago. A fully private corporation, NGCP won the franchise to operate and maintain the country's transmission network in the biggest government auction conducted in efforts to reform the local power sector. This fifty-year franchise provides NGCP with the right to operate, maintain, expand and further strengthen the country's power transmission system. As the system operator of the power grid, NGCP balances the demand and supply of electricity to serve efficiently all of its customers - generators, private distribution utilities, electric cooperatives, government-owned utilities, ecozones, industries, as well as directly connected companies.

Manila Electric Company


It started out as the Manila Electric Railroad and Light Company (Meralco) in 1903 to provide electric light and power and an electric street railway system to Manila and its suburbs. After over a century, Meralco serves 25% of the Philippine population today, making it the largest distribution utility in the country.

Panay Electric Company, Inc.


Panay Electric Company, Inc. (PECO) is one of the oldest private electricity distribution utilities in the Philippines. It is primarily owned by the Cacho family. It has been operating since 1923. It currently serves about 52% of the whole power demanded in the whole Panay Island grid. Today, it remains to be the only private electricity distributor in the whole island of Panay.

Global Business Power Corporation


Global Business Power Corporation (GBPC) is a joint venture among several companies whose main players are Global Business Holdings Inc and First Metro Investments Corporation, a subsidiary of the Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company and a member of the Metrobank Group of Companies. At present GBPC is the leading independent power provider in the Visayas, with a combined total capacity of 633 megawatts of power supplied to the Visayas region.

Trans-Asia Power Generation Corporation


Trans-Asia Power Generation Corporation operates a power plant that supplies electricity in Philippines. The company was founded in 1997 and is based in Bulacan, Philippines. Trans-Asia Power Generation Corporation operates as a joint venture between Trans-Asia Oil and Energy Development Corp. and Holcim Philippines, Inc.

Hyosung Corporation


Hyosung works in a variety of industrial and technology areas that make your lifestyle more convenient and more comfortable. In fact - from the fibers that make the fabric in your clothes, the materials for the tires and seatbelts that keep you and your car safe and the power transmission lines that provide electricity to your home, to other day-to-day items such as plastic drinking bottles, ATM machines, motors, pumps, carpets and plastic wrapping films - Hyosung and its innovative products are already closer to you than you think. You may not know us, but we are always working for you, Hyosung is always behind you.

Carmen Copper Corporation


Carmen Copper Corporation (CCC) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Atlas Consolidated Mining and Development Corporation (ACMDC). ACMDC was a merger of Antamok Gold Mines, Masbate Consolidated Mining Company, and IXL Mining Company which started operating the Toledo Copper Mine in 1953. It began at a time when the Philippine mining industry considered copper mining unprofitable. Don Andres Soriano y Roxas, a leading industrialist, saw that the rebirth of mining is in the copper industry. Foreseeing the demand for copper ore in the world market, he merged the various mining firms under his aegis to shift emphasis to copper production. From its modest beginning, Atlas has steadily grown through the years until it became the largest producer of copper in the Far East and one of the biggest copper mines in the world.

South Luzon Thermal Energy Corporation


South Luzon Thermal Energy Corp. (SLTEC) generates hydroelectric electricity in the Philippines. SLTEC operates as a joint venture between AC Energy Holdings, Inc. and Trans-Asia Oil and Energy Development Corporation.

AboitizPower Corporation


AboitizPower is the holding company for the Aboitiz Group's investments in power generation, distribution, retail and power services. It has several hydroelectric and geothermal assets in its generation portfolio and also has non-renewable power plants located across the country. The company also owns distribution utilities that operate in high-growth areas in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. AboitizPower envisions to harness the array of renewable energy sources in the country that leave a lighter impact on the environment, and deliver electricity to consumers. With this in mind, Cleanergy is the AboitizPower brand that will be at the forefront to bring that vision into reality, leveraging on our expertise, especially in harnessing hydroelectric energy.

First Gen Energy Solutions, Inc.


In preparation for the opening of the electricity market to retail competition, First Gen Energy Solutions (FGES), a wholly owned subsidiary of First Gen, was formed. FGES holds an aggregator license and is a Retail Energy Supplier (RES). As soon as open access is declared, FGES can enter into supply contracts with electric cooperatives, large industrial and commercial customers. Retail competition offers customers the opportunity to choose a supplier that can deliver the greatest business value. FGES's main task is to position itself as the supplier of choice by understanding the customer's business needs and developing creative solutions that offer real value beyond the traditional power supply contract.

TeaM Energy Corporation


TeaM Energy, a partnership between noted Japanese firms Tokyo Electric Power Company and Marubeni Corporation, is one of the largest independent power producers in the Philippines, with over 2,000 megawatts (MW) of installed generating capacity. We are committed to working with the Philippine government in addressing the country's energy needs towards promoting sustainable economic growth and development.

MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company - Casecnan Hydro


MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company is a global leader in the production, transportation and delivery of energy from a variety of fuel sources, including coal, natural gas, wind, hydro, solar, nuclear, geothermal and biomass. MidAmerican and its subsidiaries are established leaders in the world energy marketplace. In production, distribution and delivery around the world - MidAmerican is obsessively, relentlessly at your service.

Energy Development Corporation


Energy Development Corporation is a pioneer in the geothermal energy industry with more than three decades of proven business viability. It has helped discover new ways of developing and commercializing renewable energy right at the heart of the resource - wherever the location and whatever the condition.

Manila Water Corporation


Before 1997, the capital's water supply and distribution was in disarray. In 1995, this situation prompted the Philippine government to enact the National Water Crisis Act, which turned over the operation of water services from the government-owned Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System (MWSS) to the private sector. The Ayala-led Manila Water Company took over the East Zone of Metro Manila, 40% of the capital city, under a 25-year concession agreement. After 15 years of service, Manila Water remains dedicated to its customers and the environment, as it gears toward a clean, clear, and sustainable future for everyone.

Hansei Corporation


Since its establishment in 1989, HANSEI CORPORATION has played an important role with beneficial contribution to the Philippine economic development. As one of the reputable General Trading and Engineering companies in the Philippines, HANSEI had succesfully and satisfactorily completed numerous projecys and services relative to the fields of Electric Power Generation, Transmission Lines, Substations, Distribution Systems, Industrial Plants and Infrastructure development Projects. These remarkable achievements were realized through the incessant efforts, management expertise and technical capabilities of its owners, officers and staff and in close business cooperation with affiliated foreign principal manufacturers, contractors and renowned international companies.

ABB Power, Inc.


ABB is a global leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility and industry customers to improve their performance while lowering environmental impact. As one of the world's leading engineering companies, we help our customers to use electrical power effectively and to increase industrial productivity in a sustainable way.

Siemens, Inc.


Siemens AG (Berlin and Munich) is a global powerhouse in electronics and electrical engineering, operating in the industry, energy and healthcare sectors. For over 160 years, Siemens has stood for technical achievements, innovation, quality, reliability, and internationality. It is also the world's largest provider of environmental technologies, generating €23 billion - nearly one-third of its total revenue - from green products and solutions.

Cendaur Engineering Corporation


We are an electrical contractor and we do some civil works, like electrical substation foundations, control building duct banks etc. In electrical works we do design, equipment installation, wiring, and commissioning of works. We manufacture and provide Instruments & Meters, Light Industry & Daily Use, Lights & Lighting, Manufacturing & Processing Machinery, Computer Products, Construction & Decoration, Consumer Electronics, Electrical & Electronics, Tools & Hardware, Industrial Equipment & Components.



Solar power equipment-maker Astronergy Solar Korea is aiming to make a foray into the photovoltaic power generation market in Southeast Asia. The solar cell-maker is building solar plants in Hawaii, Fiji, Japan and Thailand, and is trying to increase its presence in emerging markets including Indonesia, Uzbekistan, Bangladesh and the Philippines.

Palau Public Utilities Corporation


The Palau Public Utilities Corporation (PPUC) is a public corporation established to manage and operate the electrical power and the water and wastewater systems of the Republic of Palau. As the sole energy and water provider for the Republic of Palau, the Palau Public Utilities Corporation (PPUC) embraces a new era for our islands.

San Carlos Solar Energy Inc.


San Carlos City represents an attractive location for a solar farm because it is situated at the right coordinates for maximum solar radiation and, being in the eastern coast of Negros, it is less prone to cloud cover and enjoys more sunshine hours than other places. The area has long supported renewable energy due to the presence of the sugar industry, both for power and transport fuel, thus making it a good hub for several renewable energy technologies.


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